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About Us

Kindship, noun

  1. The state, condition, or essence of being kind; kindness.
  2. An act of kindness.

Kindship Cards celebrates the independent greeting card artist. Their artwork, their creativity, their contribution to making this world a kinder place through the use of the written word (even if that means the occasional F word.)

This project and website grew out of the desire to give people the opportunity to purchase greeting cards easily from a wide variety of artists at the same time. The opportunity to discover new artists they may have never heard of. The opportunity to spend their money intentionally and with purpose, knowing it is going to support artists and charitable organizations and aid organizations. $1 per order will go to a rotating organization.

Kindship Cards is run by the friendly crew over at Paper Luxe Stationery & Gifts, with locations in Tacoma and Gig Harbor, Washington. Paper Luxe has long been an advocate for the stationery community and has a deep passion for paper, gifting, and snail mail.

Co-owner Jennifer Luna is a previous Gift + Stationery 40 under 40 award winner (squeaked in when she was 39 years old) and avid card collector. Jennifer and her mom, Laurie Hicks (with the help of an AMAZING team of women) also own sister shops The Curious Bear Toy & Book Shop (toy store), The Crest Home (home gifts and goods), and Little Luxe (baby store).

Jennifer Luna & Laurie Hicks Paper LUxe