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    From the artist:

    J.Falkner Cards started up in Palm Beach, FL, back in 2011. It was without any kind of business plan. The only thought was this: let’s design the kind of fresh, modern cards we’d like to send ourselves – and see if anyone else wants to send them, too!

    Here we are these years later, with stockists across the country, not to mention Canada and England. Which shows just how vibrant paper and stationery continues to be. Cards are such an easy way to spread joy.

    Our cards are – quite literally – made in sunshine. We’re trying to put to paper that sense of pure happiness when the sun is shining in perfect blue sky. We love bold color (because: Palm Beach!), but like our designs to be graphic, simple and clean … because isn’t there already so much visual noise in the world today?

    29 products
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